How to Learn Anything in 20 Hours

So today I found this interesting videos. What he spoke sounds good, and kind of doable.

The point of his presentation is as follows:

1. Deconstruct the skills

  • Break the skills into smaller pieces and find the core that would actually help us do what we want and practice it first

2. Learn enough to self-correct

  • Find resource (book, videos, etc) to do self correct, but no need to finish up all the resource before practice

3. Remove practive barriers

  • Remove distractions (internet, I’m looking at you!)

4. Practice at least 20 hours

  • Overcome the frustating barriers with practicing at least 20 hours

Watch the full video here:



2012 to 2015. More than 3 years since the last post. I guess in the age of micro blogging tools such as instagram, twitter, facebook and others blogging become forgotten. But after a while, micro blogging is become tiring. Longer writing feels more satisfying than all those short post that most of the time the point is to impress people. As for blogs, its not about getting views, its more letting go the feeling we have on daily basis.

What happen after 3 years? Must be a lot, the world changing so fast. Those guys at NASA is landing a rover on Mars. And they landed a probe in a meteorites. Amazing stuff. More wars happening. Tons of comic book superhero movies, with a lot of people taking it too seriously. And new Star Wars. Luffy has reach Gear Fourth. Naruto has ended. Singapore dollar is now 9,500 IDR per $1. Ha.

Personally I’m still stuck in between projects. While my understanding of the technology better, the task assigned to me only increased. This is why diligent people is rare. The more diligent a person is, the more others take it for granted. Well, salary still running so cannot complaint.

Blogging, in the past, is need context. When you want to voice your opinion about some event or stuff that happening. But nowadays I felt it doesn’t matter. Yes, we need to take sides and have opinion, but not all the opinion have to be communicated. So that’s what will be filling this blogs in the future. Bunch of unimportant stuff.

See you in the next blogging mood.

Valentine Cupcake at Orchard

Valentine Cupcake at Orchard

As you can see from the pics, it was valentine day decoration for Orchard Central. Flowers aside, I wouldn’t mind having cupcake those sizes. Sweet-heaven.

Valentine Love Bird

Valentine Love Bird

Happy Valentine!

Morning Aeroplane Window Shot

Good Morning Clouds!

So during the flight back yesterday I have opportunity to sit near the window. The advantage having morning flight is we can see nice scenery such as clouds and lands, compared to pitch black during the night flights. Suffering from boredom after finishing all my movies waiting for the delays, I take some photo of the clouds using my SII’s. Through the dirty window its still looks nice, the view from above.

TRZ Cooling Tea

TRZ Cooling Tea

Yummy drink

Found this drink here at Singapore. At first I thought this was regular herbal drinks, but when I drink it the taste quite awful hahaha. The upside was after drank it my body felt hella good, either this was really potent or just placebo effect after read the ingredients lol

Zinga vs NimbleBit

Zinga vs Nimblebit

Ba-Zinga! I'll made your game better!

Zinga done it again! They latest release iOS games “Dream Heights” is accused to be direct copy to the Nimblebit’s “Tiny Tower”.

See Nimblebit’s love letter here.


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