A cage.

Not this cage:


But a different cage. Psychological cage on our mind. Something more like this:


Story time, since I was starting my career, I am always using Microsoft products as my bread and butter. That was all I know. There was Java, I read about it, and test it out a bit, but that’s it, I never really trying to study what Java is better at than Microsoft’s .Net framework. Even worse, I was quite defensive and trying to prove that Microsoft product is better. I feel that what I am already know and use is sufficient. I am locking my cage. Everything that I built have to be using MS ecosystem and following MS trends.

This is going on and on up until I was assigned to build a product from scratch. From zero. From nada. And I have to ensure it was satisfying the standards on multiple aspects, such as performance, ease of use, technologically trendy, and so on.

Microsoft has everything available in .Net framework, but since this time I have to be accountable for what I am building, I am trying to venture to different technologies. I read many articles and even test it out a little bit. I am unlocking my cage and take a little step outside. And ends up moving my whole body through the door.

Now, I feel small. I feel what I have known and study doesn’t cover even 1% of the whole available IT technologies. I am trying to absorb it all, while crossing my finger that this time I won’t be doing it without putting myself back in the cage.



Sherlock Holmes Book


Once upon a time, when my life was taken over by video games, manga, TV and movies to fulfill my spare time, I found something new but old to do: reading books. That moment is due I picks up some novels on local library and found out that the story is not bad that I managed to finish it in my fifth visits. No, that novel is not Sherlock Holmes. I will post it when I manage to dug it from my memories, I hope.

Sherlock Holmes is what comes after ‘what next?’. I want to re-enjoy the feeling I got when I read that 1st novel and thought that why not some famous novel? I have reading Detective Conan manga before and it mentions a lot reference to this Sherlock guy wrote by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. So I give it a try.

Since I don’t have the capacity to judge whether a book is a good book or not, I will review it based on my personal enjoyment. Which of course, really satisfied with this Sherlock series. The one that left huge impression for me is the Sherlock guy. He is really…unique. How does Sir Conan comes up with this character I wonder. Does he have real life friend as interesting as him? Or maybe it’s combination of several real life character. Well who knows?

The story itself is engaging. Start with a premise building that has a lot of mysteries which unravel through out the pages until the end. All in all very recommended read!

This is the list of Sherlock Holmes novel that I have read:

  • A Study in Scarlet
  • The Sign of the Four
  • The Hound of the Baskervilles
  • The Valley of Fear
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
  • The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Woah, and actually there’s more that I haven’t read yet! Just found out today, that’s the benefit of writing blog I guess

  • His Last Bow
  • The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes


(Gold?) Pot in the end of Rainbow


Why does sometime it feels satisfying to complete such as painful and troublesome work and sometime it isn’t?  Like working hard for routine task is less satisfying than working for huge events that a lot of people feel attention to (e.g. product launching). Maybe it’s depends on how high the profile of the work is. Then that means I’m an attention seeking man lol

Pink Floyd Autobiography


So recently I found an new but old type of book that quite fun to read: autobiography. I love this kind of book when I was in college, but at that time I had no idea whose biography should I read. That time only regular historical famous people (e.g. Einstein, Thomas Edison etc.)  which what we usually had in our library.

Since now I become older, I gain interest on broader subject. No longer on the generic famous people, I found that reading autobiography of people in different career field really enlightening and help us to become more understanding about other profession.

This book is written nicely by Nick Mason, I have zero knowledge about Pink Floyd before reading this book but I get the grasp of what he want to communicate by reading his writing.

In this book, he covered various aspect of band life. Origin, success, feud, reconciliation, music making process, things that makes us feel that behind all their popularity and rock star life, they have ordinary life similar to what we had.

Interesting read: 8/10

New Year, Same Old Things


/ramble on

So this is 4th day of 2016 and I already back to work since yesterday. Wonder why people like to do “heavy job” close to the holiday. Always. Just like last year.

Hey people, you got many weeks without holiday, why don’t we push these “heavy job” on those time slot and leave the rest of us on our holiday peacefully?

Moment like these is the one who make us thinking our choices in life. Why do I work this hard for other people? Then I remember 25th and everything become slightly make sense.

/ramble off

How to Learn Anything in 20 Hours

So today I found this interesting videos. What he spoke sounds good, and kind of doable.

The point of his presentation is as follows:

1. Deconstruct the skills

  • Break the skills into smaller pieces and find the core that would actually help us do what we want and practice it first

2. Learn enough to self-correct

  • Find resource (book, videos, etc) to do self correct, but no need to finish up all the resource before practice

3. Remove practive barriers

  • Remove distractions (internet, I’m looking at you!)

4. Practice at least 20 hours

  • Overcome the frustating barriers with practicing at least 20 hours

Watch the full video here:



2012 to 2015. More than 3 years since the last post. I guess in the age of micro blogging tools such as instagram, twitter, facebook and others blogging become forgotten. But after a while, micro blogging is become tiring. Longer writing feels more satisfying than all those short post that most of the time the point is to impress people. As for blogs, its not about getting views, its more letting go the feeling we have on daily basis.

What happen after 3 years? Must be a lot, the world changing so fast. Those guys at NASA is landing a rover on Mars. And they landed a probe in a meteorites. Amazing stuff. More wars happening. Tons of comic book superhero movies, with a lot of people taking it too seriously. And new Star Wars. Luffy has reach Gear Fourth. Naruto has ended. Singapore dollar is now 9,500 IDR per $1. Ha.

Personally I’m still stuck in between projects. While my understanding of the technology better, the task assigned to me only increased. This is why diligent people is rare. The more diligent a person is, the more others take it for granted. Well, salary still running so cannot complaint.

Blogging, in the past, is need context. When you want to voice your opinion about some event or stuff that happening. But nowadays I felt it doesn’t matter. Yes, we need to take sides and have opinion, but not all the opinion have to be communicated. So that’s what will be filling this blogs in the future. Bunch of unimportant stuff.

See you in the next blogging mood.