Pink Floyd Autobiography


So recently I found an new but old type of book that quite fun to read: autobiography. I love this kind of book when I was in college, but at that time I had no idea whose biography should I read. That time only regular historical famous people (e.g. Einstein, Thomas Edison etc.)  which what we usually had in our library.

Since now I become older, I gain interest on broader subject. No longer on the generic famous people, I found that reading autobiography of people in different career field really enlightening and help us to become more understanding about other profession.

This book is written nicely by Nick Mason, I have zero knowledge about Pink Floyd before reading this book but I get the grasp of what he want to communicate by reading his writing.

In this book, he covered various aspect of band life. Origin, success, feud, reconciliation, music making process, things that makes us feel that behind all their popularity and rock star life, they have ordinary life similar to what we had.

Interesting read: 8/10